Did Slater Deserve a Higher Score? Kelly and the Controversial 360 Air at the Hurley Pro

The internet has been blowing up with debates about whether or not Kelly Slater deserved a higher score than 4.17 for a 360 reverse air he did in his Round 5 heat against Mick Fanning.

You be the judge, Does Slater deserve a higher score?

Does Slater Actually Pull this Back-side 360 Reverse?
When Slater went in the air and emerged from the white-wash back on his board, the crowd erupted. Then the announcer said the score came in at a 4.17. The crowd immediately began booing.

How could the judges score such an amazing maneuver so low?
Well he fell and then got back to his stomach and stood back up. The judges considered it an incomplete maneuver even though it looked so incredible. There is clearly a fine line between what the crowd likes and what the judges consider a completed move. Many people believe the wave was still scored low. I believed he would get somewhere between a 6 and 7, so I too thought it was scored low, but even at a 7 Fanning would have beat Slater.

Slater and Ross Williams Sit Down to Discuss the Air and the Score

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