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Matt Biolos Wins Shape Off Contest at 2010 Sacred Craft Consumer Surfboard Expo

Lost Surfboard shaper, Matt Biolos bested five other shapers to win the Tribute to the Masters Shape-off honoring Simon Anderson presented by US Blanks during the Sacred Craft Consumer Surfboard Expo a few weeks ago. 

Matt Biolos is the founder and head shaper behind …LOST Surfboards.  Biolos competed against a field of stellar craftsman which included Pat Rawson, Brian Bulkley, Larry Mabile, Jason Bennett and Michael Barron. Biolos’ name will be etched onto the Mike Marshall perpetual trophy and Biolos also received $1000, which he quickly offered to a local charity.

According to Biolos, “This was a bit of redemption for me, as I am sometimes pegged as a guy who is only known for his marketing expertise, and maybe I don’t get credit for my shaping ability,” said Biolos in front of a large crowd on Sunday at Sacred Craft. “It is real honor to win this event, as Simon Anderson is a true legend.” “Matt’s board was the clear winner and an easy choice, as the deck and nose rocker were spot on, and the bottom curve exact as well,” said judge and tribute honoree Simon Anderson. “Of course all the boards were exceptionally shaped, and I am very honored to have these six great craftsman turn out for this event, it means a lot to me.”

Watch this One on One Video of Matt Biolos Featured on Surfline

Is Matt Biolos the Best Shaper in the World Today?  The question should be asked as Biolos won the prestigious, Shaper of the Year Award just nine months ago from Surfing Magazine.  Like Al Merrick and Rusty, Biolos has developed a stellar reputation with the elite surfers on the ASP world tour. The bottom line, is that ” They wouldn’t ride his boards if they didn’t make a difference.”  Biolos is well liked partly because he is known for not taking himself too seriously.  The bottom line is that Biolos has become a truly innovative shaper and that’s why …Lost Surfboards is the most querried surf board manufacturer on the internet. 

Shaper Q & A with Surfing Magazine’s 2009 Shaper of the Year Matt Biolos

What makes your label different from the other surfboards in the market? “Innovation, creativity, and a sense of humor.”

Tell us about the changes you’ve seen in recent years in the shaping realm, and how it has affected your craft. “CAD design and pre-shape machines have gotten more dialed. We’ve been able to fine-tune the designs and make minute changes to boards at levels never before achievable.”

How do you think surfboards and shaping/glassing boards will change in the next decade? “I have believed for years that if you can snowboard Alaska on a 5′ snowboard, and ride Jaws on a 5′ tow board, then conventional surfboards should, and will, be shorter.”

What is the one key component of your company or your surfboards that you’d like us to emphasize in your brand’s profile? “We put the fun in ‘surfun.’”

Watch the Barrel of the Year Brought to You by …Lost TV 

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