Hurley Pro Trestles Fantasy Chatter

Owen Wright – The big guy is one of my favorites but for the money I am sitting him. I expect to him somewhere between round 5 and the quarters.

Julian Wilson – He surfs waves of any size well so he is a pretty good pick. I see him somewhere between the Quarters and the Finals.

Filipe Toledo – This man is ranked 4th in the world right now and if the last day is head high or smaller, he is my pick to win. His wins in Brazil and Snappers were phenomenal to say the least.

Kelly Slater – The 11 time champ always has the potential to win an event, especially at Lowers. However, he has not had the consistency he has had in his past title runs. For this reason, I am sitting this legend.

Italo Ferrera – Another guy I picked for my team. This rookie has shown a knack for winning heats and upsetting big seeds. He is a solid competitor and if Lowers’ left turns on look out.

John John Florence – I thought he should have won it last year. His heat 4 win over ADS and Slater was some of the best surfing I’ve ever seen at Trestles. If the waves stay overhead for the event, he would be one of my picks to win the event. I expect to see him in the quarters at least regardless of the size.

Adriano De Souza – The #1 seed coming into the event has had a stellar year and has a history of landing big results at this event. Based on my local intel, I am picking him to win the event. This is based on what I have seen at Lowers in the last week. He appears to be very focused and hungry for a title.

Mick Fanning – Another potential winner who has a history of nabbing big results, especially on years in which he is in the hunt for the title. I expect this 3-time world champ to make it to the semis. I don’t have him on my team simply because he costs a lot and Fantasy Surfer doesn’t give you enough $$ for all the stars.

Gabriel Medina – He has looked very inform the last few events but my local intel has produced some inconsistent results. I see Medina finishing somewhere between the 5th and quarters but I wouldn’t be surprised if he wins the event. Like slater, he know how to turn it on when it counts.

Jeremy Flores – This kid has returned to form. Fresh off a victory in Tahiti and he has a nice seed. I expect him to make it to the quarters with his rail work.

Joel Parkinson – The former world champ has been off this year a little. He still has a complete game but I’m sitting him for the event.

Taj Burrow – Boy does Taj love lowers. He won the event a few years ago and could go far in this event. However, I’m sitting him for this event as I think the younger kids have arrived.

Kolohe Andino – I have witnessed many amazing waves from Brother at Lowers this summer and he seems to be in great form. He is seeded low so it will be a real feat for him to get through the 3 round because he will go against the high rated guys. I do see him winning his heat in Round 1 and he could potential make to the final heats.

Michel Bourez- He has a very low seed so like Kolohe he will have to beat one of the top guys. I’m sitting him as I think he goes down in the 3rd round.

Nat Young – I’ve been on the fence about Nat for this event. His wicked backhand could deliver him a solid result but I sat him for the event.

Bede Durbidge – Another guy I’ve been on the fence about. I sat him for the event but those frontside snaps could see him into the quarters.

Miguel Pupo – I belive this style master will do well and finish somewhere between the 3rd and 5th round.

*Thanks to WSL for video

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