2011 ASP World Masters Championships Back by Popular Demand

The ASP World Masters Championships will be back in full swing in 2011, following a six-year hiatus, with some of history’s most iconic waterman donning the singlet once again to do battle.

Maresias Beach, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, will play host to the historic event, signing a licence agreement that will see the ASP World Masters Championships return to Brazil for the next three years. “We’re thrilled to have the ASP World Masters Championships back on the schedule in 2011,” Brodie Carr, ASP International CEO, said. “These are some of the biggest names in surfing history and the world has been waiting to witness them do battle once again. With Maresias, we’ve found the ideal fit and the Masters will be back in action for the foreseeable future.” The ASP World Masters Championships hosts two divisions: Masters (aged 36 to 49-years old with 20 competitors) and Grand Masters (aged 50 and over with 16 competitors).

Potential competitors for the ASP World Masters Championships:

– Tom Carroll (AUS)

– Barton Lynch (AUS)

– Martin Potter (GBR)

– Kelly Slater (USA)

– Gary Elkerton (AUS)

– Damien Hardman (AUS)

– Derek Ho (HAW)

– Tom Curren (USA)

– Mark Occhilupo (AUS)

– Luke Egan (AUS)

– Dave Macaulay (AUS)

– Rob Bain (AUS)

– Shane Beschen (USA)

– Shane Powell (AUS)

– Brad Gerlach (USA)

– Shane Dorian (HAW)

– Matt Hoy (AUS)

– Jake Paterson (AUS)

– Victor Ribas (BRA)

– Taylor Knox (USA)

– Fabio Gouveia (BRA)

– Mike Parsons (USA)

– Jeff Booth (USA)

Potential competitors for the ASP World Grand Masters Championships:

– Shaun Tomson (ZAF)

– Wayne Bartholomew (AUS)

– Mark Richards (AUS)

– Michael Ho (HAW)

– Cheyne Horan (AUS)

– Hans Hedemann (HAW)

– Glen Winton (AUS)

– Simon Anderson (AUS)

– Terry Richardson (AUS)

– Buzzy Kerbox (HAW)

– Bobby Owens (HAW)

– Peter Townend (AUS)

– Dane Kealoha (HAW)

– Joey Buran (USA)

– Ian Cairns (AUS)

– Jeff Hakman (HAW)

“I’m right behind it,” Mark Occhilupo, 1999 ASP World Champion, said. “That heat was so good yesterday (in Haleiwa), but there are so many other good guys like Gary Elkerton, Martin Potter and Luke Egan, just to name a couple and all those guys are still surfing so good. Everyone loves to see them surfing and I’m right behind it. I’m stoked.”  Next year’s incarnation of the ASP World Masters Championships will be the richest in surfing history, boasting a US$220,000 prize purse across both divisions.  “We are very proud to bring to Brazil, the names that made history in this sport. It will be an unforgettable event and a gift to the Brazilian fans,” Evandro Abreu, Super Surf Manager Events. The ASP World Masters Championships will take place from July 25 – 31, 2011 at Maresias Beach, Sao Paulo, Brazil.  For more information, visit www.aspworldtour.com or ProSurfingNews.

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