Swell Forecast Looks Good for Billabong Pro JBay

After a long lay-off for ASP WCT contest, most spectators are eagerly awaiting the Billabong Pro at Jeffrey’s Bay.  This is the 5th spot on the ASP World Tour one that usually proves to be a showdown in the iconic right-handers. Early surf forecasts look very promising for solid surf and good conditions. 

SWELL/SURF: Solid SSW swell with 6-8’+ faces and a good chance for larger waves, if the storm continues to behave as fore.
WIND: Moderate SW wind.

SWELL/SURF: SSW swell ping off, but still fairly solid leftovers in the morning in the 4-7′ range (on the face). Smaller in the afternoon.
WIND: Moderate W wind.

SWELL/SURF: Possible slight reinforcing bump of SSW swell building through the afternoon for 5-7’+ faces, and possibly larger, if storm behaves as fore in the next few days.
WIND: Light WNW wind.

SWELL/SURF: SSW swell possibly remains up early, before ping off through the afternoon for more 5-7′ faces in the morning, if storm behaves as fore in the next few days.
WIND: Light to moderate N/NW wind in the morning, becoming WNW for the afternoon.

Watch Last Year’s Final 2009 Billabong Pro J-Bay

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