C.J. Hobgood started the 2010 season off with a victory at the Hang Loose Pro, which is a 6 star WQS  event.

Monteiro made his third consecutive Hang Loose Pro Finals appearance, but not without a near-exit in his quarterfinal heat with Hizunome Bettero. Monteiro squeaked ahead by two tenths of a point before the buzzer.

In the Final, Hobgood and Monteiro were searching for barrels. Raoni lined up a first wave that never materialized. Hobgood, meanwhile, was in the right place to get shacked and emerged with a big forehand hack. When he did it again on the very next set, Raoni was good as done.

“I’m stoked! Last year I put too much pressure on myself and it didn’t pay off. I was lucky all day long finding those left barrels and I’m glad to be here in this amazing place.” — C.J. Hobgood, current ASP World Rankings leader

1 CJ Hobgood (USA)
2 Raoni Monteiro (Brazil)
3 Alejo Muniz (Brazil)
3 Wiggolly Dantas (Brazil)
5 Gustavo Fernandes (Brazil)
5 Brett Simpson (USA)
5 Joan Duru (France)
5 Hizunome Bettero (Brazil)
9 Jadsen Andre (Brazil)
9 Hodei Collazo (Spain)
9 Willian Cardoso (Brazil)
9 Peterson Rosa (Brazil)
9 Matt Wilkinson (Austrália)
9 Dion Atkinson (Austrália)
9 Leonardo Neves (Brazil)
9 Marcio Farney (Brazil)

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