Taj Burrow Wins Best Maneuver at 2009 Surfer Poll Awards

Taj Burrow won the “Best Maneuver at the 2009 Surfer Poll Awards with his frontside air in Billabong’s “Still Filthy.” 

  • Wade Goodall, 360 air (Still Filthy)
  • Taj Burrow, frontside air (Still Filthy)
  • Dusty Payne, Kuston Air Stike air (BS!)
  • Mitch Coleborn, double-grab flip (BS!)
  • Ry Craike, one-handed rodeo (There’s No I In Go Ry)

The 2009 Best Maneuver highlight reel plays like a video game. Each of these maneuvers is jaw-dropping in its own right, but Taj’s utter disregard for the health of his knees takes the cake.

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