Parrish Byrne Gets First WQS Win

Parrish was victorious in the ASP WQS 4-Star Billabong Tsurigasaki Pro held at Chiba in Japan, defeating Teppei Tajima in the Final, Izuki Tanaka in the Semifinals and ASP WQS No. 10, fellow Aussie Blake Thornton in the Quarterfinals.  Parrish jumped from 233rd to 168th while, other than Blake Thornton moving from 10th to 8th, the Top 50 remain unchanged.  Across in Victoria Bay, South Africa, Beyrick de Vries and Bianca Buitenberg were eventual winners at the Billabong Pro Junior.

At Hossegor, the ASP Dream Tour event is still underway, but without Joel Parkinson once again after his shock elimination to local wildcard Patrick Beven.   With Fanning, C.J Hobgood and Slater still in the event, it looks like Parko’s lead will be diminished once again leaving the chances of an early title not likely until perhaps Rip Curl’s Search event in Portugal, or more likely, Billabong Pro at Pipeline.

On the ratings shown below, you will see a few surfers with low points they will be replacing and these are the ones to watch in upcoming ASP WQS events in Brazil. b Owen Wright, Rodrigo Dornelles and Leigh Sedley should do well. Luke Munro is not doing Brazil and with two 813 point scores to replace should be looking at something before Hawaii.

Current Top 20 on the ratings:
Ross,Daniel AUS 1 14975 3500,2275,2275,2000,1925,1625,1375,
Andre,Jadson BRA 2 14663 3500,2625,2188,1875,1625,1625,1225,
Wright,Owen AUS 3 13588 3500,3063,1925,1625,1375,1225,875,
Melling,Adam AUS 4 13026 3500,3063,1625,1375,1225,1138,1100,
Gudauskas,PatrickUSA 5 12588 3063,1875,1875,1625,1625,1300,1225,
Wilkinson,Matt AUS 6 12150 2625,1875,1875,1875,1375,1300,1225,
Duru,Joan FRA 7 12050 2625,2500,1500,1375,1375,1375,1300,
Thornton,Blake AUS 8 11925 2625,2275,1750,1575,1500,1225,975,
Simpson,Brett USA 9 11863 2500,1925,1925,1625,1375,1375,1138,
Logie,Travis ZAF 10 11851 2275,2188,1925,1625,1575,1138,1125,
Ware,Austin USA 11 11575 2625,1875,1625,1625,1375,1225,1225,
Payne,Dusty HAW 12 11425 2275,1925,1875,1625,1375,1225,1125,
Cardoso,Willian BRA 13 11151 2500,2000,1875,1375,1138,1138,1125,
Munro,Luke AUS 14 11139 3063,2625,1300,1300,1225,813,813,
Gudauskas,TannerUSA 15 11125 2500,2275,1375,1300,1225,1225,1225,
Hall,Glenn IRL 16 10700 2275,1575,1500,1500,1500,1225,1125,
Yeomans,Nathan USA 17 10550 2625,1575,1500,1375,1225,1125,1125,
Zubizarreta,GonyESP 18 10351 2000,1625,1575,1500,1375,1138,1138,
Atkinson,Dion AUS 19 10288 2625,1625,1375,1300,1138,1125,1100,
Dornelles,RodrigoBRA 20 10038 1925,1925,1750,1625,1125,875,813,
Sedley,Leigh AUS 20 10038 2275,1575,1575,1375,1300,1125,813,

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