Cardoso Wins Ferrolterra Movistar Classic – ASP WQS

 WQS surfer, Willian Cardoso has taken his second win in three weeks at the Ferrolterra Movistar Classic at Pantin, Spain and moved from 31st to 13th in under a month on the ratings. Willian defeated fellow Brazilian Rodrigo Dornelles in the Final with Irelan’s Glen Hall and local Gony Zubizarreta taking out 3rd places. Top 12 spots remained unchanged with Willian moving into 13th and Rodrigo from 29th to 20th. Almost all other spots are the same give or take a placing. On the ratings shown below, you will see a few surfers with low points they will be replacing and these are the ones to watch in upcoming ASP WQS events in Brazil. Owen Wright, Blake Thornton, Rodrigo Dornelles and Leigh Sedley should do well. Luke Munro is not doing Brazil, and with two 813 point scores to replace, should be looking at something before Hawaii. Current Top 20 WQS Ratings: 1 Ross,Daniel(AUS) 2 Andre,Jadson(BRA) 3 Wright,Owen(AUS) 4 Melling,Adam(AUS) 5 Gudauskas,Patrick(USA) 6 Wilkinson,Matt(AUS) 7 Duru,Joan(FRA) 8 Simpson,Brett(USA) 9 Logie,Travis(ZAF) 10 Thornton,Blake(AUS) 11 Ware,Austin(USA) 12 Payne,Dusty(HAW) 13 Gudauskas,Tanner(USA) 14 Yeomans,Nathan(USA) 15 Munro,Luke(AUS) 16 Hall,Glenn(IRL) 17 Sedley,Leigh(AUS) 18 Cardoso,Willian(BRA) 19 Zubizarreta,Gony(ESP) 20 Atkinson,Dion(AUS)

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